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Lisa Nicole Davis is an Intuitive MindBodySpirit Practitioner. Lisa Nicole is also an Angel Communicator, Psychic Medium, Mom and Ordained Officiant. By connecting with her higher self, Lisa Nicole is able to be a conduit for your Spiritual Council to help guide you to our truest happiness. It is her mission to help others to find there greatest hearts desires. Those who seek Love, Joy and Peace are drawn to Lisa Nicole for this reason. It is from a vibration of Unconditional Love and Appreciation that all of her energies are offered......

Here is my story...

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So many of us live in fear. Sometimes fear is disguised. Being overly cautious about spending, overprotecting our kids or being non-committal in our relationships are all faces of fear. Anything that is not of Love is fear, plain and simple. Fear can be all consuming and even make your body sick. The loss of a parent at a young age left me consumed by fear and It ruled my life. I was terrified that something bad was going to happen to anyone I loved completely. I was actually afraid to live for fear of dying. Makes no sense when you look at that way, right? The recognition of the inner turmoil that these lower energies were causing changed my life. The mere thought or intention of being fearless and courageous brings you closer to the goal. FEAR NO LONGER rules my thought patterns. Learning to combat fear is essential for our existence on this beautiful gift of a planet that we share. So create the peace and contentment in your life that you are meant to enjoy. You already have all the tools; I can help you use them. Join me and become a "Fearless Warrior" in charge of your own destiny.
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When your body speaks, please listen. If you are having thoughts or feelings to change your lifestyle in some way, this is direct guidance. You are a channel for Energy. If that channel gets clogged then Energy cannot flow freely. If your body feels like it's being clogged you will be guided to take action. My spiritual awakening started with the intense urge to stop drinking alcohol. Thank goodness! I say that because drinking and moderation never quite clicked with me. Next, it was pesticides. Then went gluten, dairy and coffee. Now, don’t freak out, you are you and I am me. I am not saying that you have quit life as you know it to be connected to Source. What you must do, however, is listen to your own inner guidance. I am simply here to tell you that I did it and it worked. Because I listened to my body, I am healthier and more clearly connected to the Divine. You will be too.

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It is the intention of this website to empower those who pass through it. May you be filled with joy, love, and inspiration for a better way of life. It is my calling as a Lightworker to share with you the unlimited abundance of prosperity and hope that surrounds our presence. Live in fear no more my friend. Together we can illuminate our inner peace and find your Light. Be guided…be free.
Dear Archangel Michael,
Thank you for continuously reminding me that I am safe and protected at all times. I am grateful for your loyal support. Please surround and protect this website with your royal purple permeable field of Energy. May all those who pass through feel your presence and accept your devoted gift of protection, and so it is.

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